Anticipating the Arrival

There’s nothing like going home to me.  I wish you could follow along with me my drive up the driveway after work every day.  The excitement is at different levels at different days, but normally I walk into 3 people jumping around and cheering like I am the best person in the world.  No matter how hard the day had been, this hysteria at 5:10 makes all things right in the world.

The other day, as I noticed Obadiah and Eli’s faces pressed against the window, banging on it with their hands, I thought they had gotten taller.  Turns out, they had climbed up on the window sill anticipating my arrival.  I don’t know why Eli was still peering out the window when I was standing behind him, but regardless, it was a special moment as they climbed up eager to see my truck arrive in the driveway (even if they did disobey by climbing up there).

The reason they get that excited is due to their perception of the person they are anticipating.  I don’t think I’m that spectacular, but in this season of life, they do.  And they show me in how they eagerly wait and celebrate my arrival.

The problem is that we aren’t that eager concerning Jesus’ return.

Our level of longing tells us a lot about our level of living.  Unfortunately, many of us are so caught up in the stuff of this world, we have a little appetite for the things that can truly satisfy.  We have filled ourselves on worldly scraps that we don’t hunger for the real feast.

If you get overwhelmed by the concept of heaven for eternity, you have not truly comprehended his arrival.

If you think of heaven and all you can think of is seeing someone other than Jesus, you have not truly comprehended his arrival.

If you think you are close enough to Jesus in the here and now, you have not truly comprehended his arrival.

He’s coming, and will we be on our tip-toes in the window sill cheering him on?

“He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming soon.’  Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!  The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.  Amen.” -Rev. 20-21 (the last verses in the Bible)

5 thoughts on “Anticipating the Arrival”

  1. Great stuff bud! You make a great point! I am longing to see my Dad’s face too, and I pray that I live my life everyday as if I am waiting on His return. Can’t wait for that day! Thanks for this reminder bud! Love ya dude!


  2. AWH… I love this and how God shows up in our everyday moments, we just need to be looking!!

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