While We Were Yet Sinners

Romans 5:6-11 – Christ didn’t offer His life for us because we deserved it. He was gracious to us while we were yet sinners.

Take and Eat

On the night before Jesus died, He gathered His disciples to prepare them for His sacrifice. While the first temptation was an opportunity to take and eat what was forbidden, Jesus set another table so that we could be forgiven.

Two Sides of the Cross

On the cross, Jesus was surrounded by two other men – one desired release and the other redemption. Did you become a Christian to escape consequences or to embrace Christ?

Christmas Eve at Home

When Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary desired to perform what was required of them, but they didn’t have enough resources. Even though they couldn’t do what they should, they committed to do what they could.


Matthew 26:17-30 As we remember the sacrifice of Jesus, never forget that God is able to pass over our sins …