While We Were Yet Sinners

Romans 5:6-11 – Christ didn’t offer His life for us because we deserved it. He was gracious to us while we were yet sinners.

Good Friday 2023 // Rocky Creek Church

  • We were helpless (5:6)
    • Jesus didn’t die for us once we became strong.
    • Christ died at the right time based on our needs and His plan.
  • We were ungodly (5:6)
    • Jesus didn’t die until we became godly.
    • If you could earn salvation, you could lose it as well.
  • We were sinners (5:8)
    • Jesus didn’t die once we became victorious.
    • We had not made progress on our sinful habits.
  • We were enemies (5:10)
    • Jesus didn’t die once we became friendly.
    • Christ offered peace since we had declared war.