What Will the Return of Christ Be Like?

Christians believe Christ will return but disagree on how His return will progress. An understanding of the coming millennium is essential to how someone will interpret this concept. 

What Must a Church Do?

Jesus expects a local church to do their part in carrying out the Great Commission. Our activities, when we gather together, should originate from His call on our lives. 

What Makes a Church?

Since a local church is a body instead of a building, certain necessary distinctives must be present. To have a biblical church, we cannot ignore biblical requirements. 

Who Are the People of God?

We will never understand what the Church should do until we know what the Church actually is. The Church is the people of God united for the purposes of God.  

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

The chance of losing salvation depends on whose work it is ultimately. While we could undeniably fumble, God is entirely faithful. 

How Are We Saved?

Salvation is a major tenet of Christianity while many aspects of it are debated within the Church. Without a biblical description of our salvation, we are in danger of sharing a faith of which we do not understand.