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When is Adoption “Successful?”

With all the advancements Eli has made in the last few weeks, we have heard so many encouraging messages from people.  Watching the boy begin to eat, walk, run, play, talk, and so much more has been a shock to so many people.  For a child that wasn’t supposed to do most of that to catch up within 9 weeks of being home is nothing short of miraculous.

While that’s exciting, Amanda and I have had some deep conversations as of late.

Is our adoption “successful” because he can walk?  Would it be successful if he is an honor roll student?  Would it be successful if he ends up being a good member of society?

I think it is easy for us to sigh a sigh of relief once some of our fears subside, but would our adoption be a success if he never walked?  What if he could barely pass classes?  What if he struggles with anger problems?

You know when I think our adoption became a success?

I think our adoption was a success the moment we said yes.

Outcome does not qualify success.  Obedience qualifies success.