Too Old to Adopt?

Randy was nearing retirement when he became burdened for something he never saw coming. At his age, his children were out of the home, he had “served his time” in the church, and he was eagerly awaiting the payoff of hitting the golf course everyday. Everywhere he turned though, he became increasingly aware of a problem in our world.

There were too many orphans in the world.

Some of them were orphaned because parents became ill and died. Some were orphaned due to selfish neglect on the parents‘ part. He really wanted to see someone do something about it, but, “Honestly,” he said, “I didn’t want to be that one.”

But God did. Amidst all of his concerns of his age, finances, and ability, he began to do something about the orphans of this world. It wasn’t his wife’s idea. She was open to it, but she wasn’t the one talking him into it. The more he learned about the state of the world, he dove into Scripture. He was amazed to read concerning God’s care for orphans and our responsibility. At a very “undesirable time,” he decided to do something about an injustice in the world.

He became a father again. And again. And again.

At last count, Randy had adopted 5 children. Some of these children were being abused in an international system. Some were unable to receive the medical care they needed. Some were in desperate need of a father’s love to ground them and not cause further disobedience and chaos in their lives.

Instead of being discouraged by the needs of the world, he decided to do something about it. And he hasn’t regretted it for one minute. Answer the following questions together and write down some of the responses.

What reasons do you think Randy had for not wanting to adopt?  Do you think anyone around him thought he was expected to do something about this need?  What do you think changed his mind?

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the needs of the world. We may even talk about the needs, pray for the needs, or give money to the needs. All of those are great things to do, but what is needed is for someone to do something about the need.

Have you ever considered if you could adopt?