The Devil Can’t Make You Do It

Have you ever wondered why the devil, the imposing leader of a rebellious army of supernatural beings, appeared in the Bible first as a serpent? It may have something to do with the truth that the devil can’t make you do anything.

The God Who Is for You

God is so for you that He actually gave you commandments that will benefit your life if you choose to obey them. Don’t buy the lie that His rules are meant to take the joy from your life.

Systematic Theology II

Have you ever wanted to comprehend biblical doctrine better? Join us for Systematic Theology II in the Entrust Institute.

Ridgecrest Fuge 2022 Recap

The Spirit moved among Ridgecrest Fuge on June 13-17, 2022. The theme was “Matchless One,” and I was honored to preach for the camp.

Golden Distractions

Once leaving Egypt, the Israelites were so ingrained in the former culture, that they continued to worship idols. The people took a gift from God and used it as a replacement for God.

VBS 2022

We are having a great week sharing Christ with some incredible children. Here are some updates and recaps as they come this week.

Journey to the Field

It has been said that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. For short-term mission participants and trips, this is also true. Journey to the Field was developed as a tool for individuals to use as they walk toward the mission field, serve on the mission field and return from the mission field.