When My Insecurities Increase

I don’t question God’s ability, but I really doubt my own. But in my self-doubting, I am subtly projecting doubt on God as well. If he made me and placed me, do I really believe that he can use me?

Patient Progress

As we minister to people, we quickly realize that growth rarely happens overnight. If we are in the work of discipleship, we must be committed to exhibiting patient progress.

How to Evaluate Your Spiritual Progress

An honest review over the last few years would reveal how much progress you have actually made. Sure, you will have moments of failures along the way, but are you trending towards more holiness or complacently settled into further unholiness?

The Narrow Road & the Two Ditches

Upon the road of Christianity, there are two dangers โ€“ one on each side. If not careful, you could fall into either one of these ditches and get yourself into serious spiritual trouble.

If You Need Some Good News

The gospel is the good news of the saving work of Jesus Christ. If you’ve ever wondered what that really means, I hope this summary can help you.

Kingdom Kindness

Within the Church, we have made doctrine and kindness enemies to each other. To the disservice of all, we cause complementary elements to seem confrontational.

Finding Your Voice

Be an original in a world full of imitations. You don’t need to be anyone else other than who God made you to be.