The Anxiety of Ministry

We were in the middle of our 14-hour trek across this West African road when our missionary asked the question.  Since I was the biggest guy on our excursion, I was nestled down in the old Toyota truck back seat while the rest of our team sat against me or on top of me.  To deal with the heat, we had the windows rolled down but the dirt and sand continued to fill the stifling back seat.  We hadn’t showered in days and our daily ritual was full of walking miles across the desert and finding some piece of earth on which to sleep.  One of our guys was making tuna sandwiches as we drove because it really wasn’t the best idea for us to stop anywhere.

Tucked somewhere within the mass of humanity and bags, the missionary who lived asked:

“So what is the hardest thing about being a pastor in America?”

At that moment, I thought it was the most ridiculous question I had ever heard.

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Ambassadors for Christ

We finished up our “Good News” series today as we focused on what it means to be ambassadors for Christ.

Don’t Misrepresent Christ

As you can tell from the picture, the Agnews have been hard at work.  Recently moving into another house, we are getting things ready for Baby Gloria’s arrival.  The boys have been a huge help with their tool belts on removing floorings, sanding, and cleaning up.  For some reason, Eli likes to take his shirt off when he really starts working.  Love this kid.

From the entire process of selling our house, buying another one, and working with everyone from bankers, insurance agents, construction geniuses, and servicemen, I have learned a bunch this time around.

While I am learning a bunch about fixing up a house, I am learning more about the witness that I am in Christ.

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