This Pride Stuff Ain’t No Joke

We started a sermon series on Sunday entitled “Leaving Planet Self” dealing with the issues of pride. As Jeff and I prepared the message, we tried to think of ways to apply this message and to grab people where they are. But I think the reverse sort of happenned.

Since we prepared and delivered that message, God has alerted me to the seriousness of pride more than ever. I guess in presenting it to people you love and studying God’s Word so much on the issue just makes you more aware of the pride that is floating around us.

I see it in me. I see it in people who I love so much. I see it in people who are trying to put their lives together. I see it in people who think they have their lives together. I see it in serious things leading to damaged marriages. I see it sneak in by the most trivial attempts for significance. I see it in when we demand to be heard, seen, appreciated, approved, praised, promoted, and applauded. I began to get so mad at the Devil today for how he is wreaking havoc in so many lives, but then I realized he’s not the one to blame for most of our drama.

We are.

We are so stinking prideful and we desire for this world to revolve around us.

There is another way.

Jesus washing feet