I’ve Got a New Job!

Yes, it’s true. I have accepted a new job. North Side has been great, but alas it is time to move on.

I’m just kidding, but I do have a new job.

The beauty of this job is I get to stay at North Side to do it!

In the Fall, I am going to be an adjunct professor at Lander University teaching a religion course. Lander is trying to create a Religion minor, and I heard about that, and it was simply God’s timing to work something like this out. I interviewed a few months ago and was offered the chance to do it, and I accepted. I waited on saying anything for a while because I wanted to make sure everything fell into place.

I love teaching college students. They have a great blend of enthusiasm with maturity. And when I heard that someone would get to present God on that campus in a classroom, I prayed that God allow me to do it. When I heard about the opportunity, I prayed and told God if he wanted me to do this, then make it happen. And he did. He’s so amazing.

So in the Fall, I will be teaching Religion 101 at Lander. The original plan was for me to teach World Religions, but that may happen next semester, we’ll just wait and see. We are still developing the class title and course description, all we are sure now is that it will be an intro into religion.

If that sounds a little ambiguous to you, it did to me too. But as I am sorting through what this class is going to be, I am getting very excited. In this class, my goal will be for students to walk away with a conviction upon whether or not God exists. We will look at civilizations’ worship practices, the design of the universe, the texts of faith groups, and the moral compass that we all seem to have in order to discover if God is real. And if God is real, it is of utmost importance that we find out who he is and what he demands of us. If there is a God, he will change everything in our lives.

Someone asked me if I needed something else to do. No, I’m steadily busy right now. But in my discipline of keeping the Sabbath, I’ve promised God that I am going to work really hard for six days and then I’ll rest. I talked with Jamie, our Community Pastor, about me doing this early on, and he stated, “If you want to do this, you’ll find the time to do this. This basically means staying up a couple of extra hours and not watching as many Seinfeld reruns.”

And that’s true. I’d ask that you pray for me because my goal is to have that class’ structure laid out before my baby comes in May so I can have plenty of time with him this summer. Hopefully, I will have even more done by then. So pray that I make the most of the time (Eph. 5:16), and I will encourage Lander students to truly think deep and provoking thoughts about God.

And if you are a Lander student, sign up begins for classes I think March 24th. If you need a general elective, look up Religion 101. I think it has a 30 person cap on that class.

And yes, I might be hard. Not real bad, but there really isn’t a more important subject to study. So we will work. It will be a good three-hour course to take, and not too removed out of college, I understand the need for a professor to be reasonable and fair and so I definitely will be that.

But we will have some fun.

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  1. Congratulations​ on your new position. I think you will do well at that school, and you are certainly in my thoughts and prayers as you take on this new endeavor.

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