Pancakes for Missions and so much more…

ns07_circle3Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on in life and in ministry:

  • Pancake Breakfast – all you have to do is eat pancakes to support our summer missionaries. O’Charley’s on Saturday from 7-9 at $5/plate. I think what I am so excited about is that we have non-rush North Side time. We can eat a plate and just have hang out time as a church family and eat at the same time. So come on out. Need more info? Go here.
  • Credit or Debit? series – we are starting a two-week series on finances this week at North Side. It’s going to be great whenever you work the O’Jays in a service.
  • NSU – we are going to do a NSU session this summer at North Side. We are still working out all the details, but I do know that I will be teaching a hermeneutics class again – yeah! I had a blast last time.
  • Summer Impact Teams – I have been so excited about this announcement for a long time. This summer, we are going to have one Wednesday night activity – serving. No services, no serve us, only serve others! We are going to sign up on impact teams to go out and make a difference in Greenwood for six weeks this summer. You could choose to be on a backyard Bible club team, a yard team, a construction team, a nursing home team, etc. and you and your team will keep going back to that place! I am so excited! More on this to come.
  • Website – Hannah and our NS interns have been fantastic about keeping up our North Side site. If you haven’t gone lately, you are missing out on some fantastic stuff, and even more coming within the week – I’ll tell you about it later.
  • Even more simpler. North Side, we’ve only just begun. There was some great discussion today around the office about simplification, family, and our future. Good stuff…