Obie’s 1st Staff Meeting

obie and jeffAs we are becoming engulfed in the summer months, our staff is also doing a whole lot of tweaking and long-term planning in the last two weeks.

Someone asked me yesterday, “Is summer easier or harder on a church staff? Which is more busy?” I had to answer, “yes.” You see, they are two different animals. Both are extremely busy but very different. I look forward to the summer for a break from the routine, but then after all the big events of the summer, I anticipate the routine of the school year.

The grass is always greener.

Anyway, a few days ago, Amanda had to go do some cleaning in her classroom, and Obie had to come to work with me. We were in the middle of a long planning meeting when my duties began. I was hoping he wasn’t going to be an inconvience to our staff.

He wasn’t. He was a distraction!

I walked in with the lil’ munchkin, and the argument wasn’t should he be in the meeting but who got to hold him. You see by the picture who eventually won out.

Jeff is a pushover for babies. Note to self: whenever I need a vacation, bring Obie with me.

He actually behaved pretty well. Besides having to change one diaper, he seemed pretty interested in what we were talking about. His highlight was when Jamie said, “We need to get that up on the website.” For whatever reason, Obadiah thought that was hilarious.

Life is good.