Happy Birthday(s)

It is July 1st which means that it is birthday extravaganza day! I got to wish a happy birthday this morning to my wife and my pastor (they are not the same person though).

Amanda is turning a whopping 26 years old today. She was laughing last night remembering when she thought someone who was 26, married, and had a baby was an old person. Well if that’s old, we are ancient (this picture was taken of our family on our anniversary, June 12th, by our other son who has moved away from us, Andrew, single tear).

I got to cook her favorite breakfast for her this morning (McDonald’s egg and cheese biscuit), and Obie and I sang her happy birthday. Well, I sang, Obie was screaming because he was hungry. I guess he thought since this is his eight-week birthday, he wanted to make sure his mom didn’t forget about him.

When I was leaving for work, I just remembered how great my life is. I love my wife. She is so incredible. As of late, we have had to make many decisions for our family which I have seen her go to God in prayer so much. She would much rather have his approval than anyone else’s in this world. When we are at seminary last week, the fellas in my cohort reminded me that I married way out of my league. I agreed completely. Like Jamie says, “I outkicked my coverage when I married her.” Happy Birthday, baby!

229535_510296621088_9429_nI also have to give a shout out to the best pastor and boss in the world. Few men I know can lead a church with conviction, passion, and by example. Today, he is…years old (I’ll let him tell you). He’s at least old enough to be a grandfather. I’m thankful for him, and I hope our staff and our church reminds him today about how thankful we are for him.

All this to be said, regardless of whether or not it is someone’s birthday, tell someone today how much they mean to you.

Today is a gift.

We are not promised tomorrow.

So tell someone you love them and what they mean to you.

(Wow. I sound like some type of Hallmark card. I could charge you $8 to read it, and then it really would be a Hallmark card!)

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