Obie in Lowe’s

obie in lowe'sObie is fighting his naps pretty regularly now. We know if he doesn’t get his nap in, he wants to eat before time, but then he falls asleep. All to say, if he misses nap time, our day gets pretty out of wack.

Yesterday, he was asleep in the car, so we decided to take him into Lowe’s. I don’t know if it was the bright lights, the loud sounds, or the amount of testosterone in that place, but for whatever reason, he woke straight up with this precious smile. I was nervous seeing him open his eyes, but he reoriented himself, and was perfectly happy. He got fussy later.

He opened his eyes, looked at his dad in the buggy, and started grinning ear to ear.

I love this kid.

His cuteness is already ruining me, and I know that I am helpless against his wishes.

Being a dad is teaching me so much. I would pontificate upon it all, but then it would ruin some of Sunday’s sermon. Hope to see you Sunday to hear me talk about my boy, and talk how God is using him to answer this prayer request:

God, make my heart more like yours.”