Pray for Your Camper!

Just a reminder to pray for your Shake-n-Shine camper that you go this week.  If you were at North Side on Sunday, you got one camper’s name to lift up – hope you placed that card somewhere where you could remember it and pray for him or her and his or her counselor!

All the crew got on the buses yesterday afternoon and set out for a great week.  It was great as I watched the first request already being answered.  The first request was that the camper and counselor would get connected early on and I saw that happening all over the parking lot – praise God!  He’s already working and answering our prayers!

The requests were:

  1. Connection between counselor and camper
  2. God to focus their hearts this week
  3. And salvation for those who don’t know Jesus personally

If you would like to get up close and personal with Shake-n-Shine this week, you can join an Impact Team that is heading out there on Wednesday night to help run the Mega Relay.  We also are going to have our Connie Maxwell team and one yard team, so hope to see you Wednesday @ 6:30 in the Commons Area so we can head out!

Keep praying!