Anthology of World Scriptures

anthology of world scripturesSeptember is nearing soon.  What does that mean for me?  I’ve got to get my class notes finished!

I will be teaching Religion 101 at Lander University in the Fall.  The last I heard we have a full class!  The class title, “Sacred Texts and Ideas,” is a difficult course to tackle.  But I am enjoying the challenge.

The textbook is Van Voorst’s Anthology of World Scriptures, and I have been spending a lot of time in the scriptures of every major world religion.  The hardest thing about this is how to layout the lectures when the subject matter is so vast.

I was asked by a few of the students if the textbook was optional.  I was told that often some students pay a lot of money on an expensive book and the professor never uses the book.  That won’t be the story of this class!  This book is great because it has selections from scripture of every major world religion.  If we didn’t use this book, we would have to buy about 13 different books to get all the information in there.

I’m getting excited.  But I also got a lot of work to get done – cause I want everything done before September!