Crisis of Belief

Another great Sunday today.  We have one more week of Experiencing God after today, and this series has been huge in the life of our church.  Each week, I hear more and more of all that God has been doing in the lives of people at North Side.  People are truly living with their eyes wide open and God is showing up.

Jeff’s message today was right on.  How do we continue to live for God when the music isn’t playing?  When everything isn’t going well, can we still follow God?  Many times in life, I have come to a crisis of belief when God is calling me to go deeper, but it isn’t easy.  But it is so worth every second of it.

Today, we worshiped to the following songs:

  • Awesome is the Lord – Chris Tomlin
  • O Praise Him – David Crowder Band
  • I Stand in Awe – Mark Altrogge
  • My Savior’s Love – Chris Tomlin
  • How He Loves – John Mark McMillan

I have been waiting to do “How He Loves” for a long time!  When I first heard that song, I had to sit down.  Rarely, does a song have that type of affect on me.  But when I heard Kim Walker belt out a version of that song, I was floored.  The verses of that song are a little different.  There is nothing wrong with them, but I don’t know if all the words would make the intended impact with a whole congregation.  But that chorus, of “how he loves us, oh how he loves us” is a chorus that must be sung with passion!  That reflective phrase should continue to overwhelm us at how much Jesus loves us! Here’s a video of Kim Walker leading this song:

This day was also special for another few highlights:

  • Singing Louder – You people sing louder and louder each week.  Amanda commented at how loud our congregation was today.  You have to sing loud when you think about how much he loves us.
  • Back Wall – We also did some fun stuff with the back wall today during worship.  I had gotten some inspiration a while back that wanted me to make the whole back wall a digital canvas.  I’ve played around with some of these ideas at Submerge or Fusion before, but I gathered Dave Wright to help me out this week make it a reality, and I was floored with the results!  I could tell people letting the words on the back wall truly sink in during “My Savior’s Love.”  More neat stuff to come.
  • Obie’s Dedication – While it was great with all the other stuff today, everything else could have messed up this morning and it had been great because Amanda and I got to dedicate our son, Obadiah.  While people call it a baby dedication, I am glad Jeff called it a family dedication.  Because the four couples truly dedicated themselves to do whatever is necessary to rear their child in a God-loving environment.  I’ll add some pictures up on the blog this week.

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