Book of the Week: Firefall

This week’s book of the week is Firefall written by Alvin Reid and Malcom McDow.  This book is a great commentary on the movement of the church over the last two centuries.  It highlights revivals that spread when God’s people sought his power to come and change their land.

Top 5 Thoughts:

  1. “Revival is God’s invitation into the lives of one or more of His people in order to awaken them spiritually for Kingdom ministry” (7).
  2. Concerning the timing when Jesus came, McDow stated, “Before His coming, God was at work preparing the world for His royal arrival” (69).  God must always do the preparation concerning the coming of revival.
  3. The Anabaptists saw great revival during the Reformation as “they emphasized a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the response was phenomenal” (156).
  4. During the First Great Awakening in America, “the importance of Christian experience, when yoked with doctrinal fidelity, was affirmed” (203).
  5. The Layman’s Prayer Revival started evangelistic practices that are still used today: “prayer and evangelism; lay preachers, such as Lanphier; house-to-house visitation; evangelistic literature; open-air preaching; youth and children’s evangelism; and music in evangelism” (271).