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Well, I have been so thrilled to hear how excited some of you are about the new North Side CD coming out.  Either you are making me feel really good or you are truly anticipating getting a copy in your hands.  Either way, thanks for the encouragement!

The CD, entitled “The Time is Now” will be released Sunday, October 12th at North Side.  I am supposed to be receiving a final proof to look at and listen to on Friday before they start printing them.  The stunning artwork to your left was done by the illustrious Cory Wilson.

You can watch some recording videos here.

There are 14 tracks to this monster of a project.  A couple of the songs’ themes recur later on the CD.  Many of the tracks fade into each other.  We had to work with arrangements and key selection to make certain tracks blend.  But overall, I think it is a really good project.  The songs were picked and/or written to emphasize where God is leading our church.  The songs focus on making God big, letting that be known in the world, and adjusting our lives right now to live holy and to think globally.

In the upcoming days, I am going to be sharing some of the stories behind the songs that are the originals on this project.  I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Here is a track list:

  1. The Time is Now (Agnew Original)
  2. Let God Arise (Tomlin)
  3. All Things New (Agnew Original)
  4. Made Me Glad (Hillsong)
  5. Your Home (Agnew Original)
  6. Everlasting God (Brown)
  7. Glorious One (Fee)
  8. Make Me Holy (Agnew Original)
  9. God of This City (Bluetree)
  10. Your Home [Reprise] (Agnew Original)
  11. Friend of God (Houghton)
  12. May Your Life Be (Kennerly Original)
  13. Amazing Grace [My Chains are Gone] (Tomlin)
  14. The Time is Now [Reprise] (Agnew Original)

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  1. I cannot wait for this CD. During Sunday’s service, one of the boys said, “Nana, I know that song from the studio.” He was so proud to know it.
    It will bless many I know!

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