Book of the Week: Developing the Leaders Around You

This week’s book of the week is John Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You.

Top 5 Thoughts:

  1. “The greatest leadership principle that I have ever learned in over twenty-five years of leadership is that those closest to the leader will determine the success level of that leader” (3).
  2. Maxwell quoted Winston Churchill who stated, “If you are doing big things, you attract big men.Ā  If you are doing little things, you attract little men.Ā  Little men usually cause trouble” (28).
  3. “Every person on the planet is given the same allotment of minutes in a day.Ā  But each person’s level of self-discipline dictates how effectively those minutes are used” (56).
  4. “Usually poor performance is a result of one of three things: 1) a mismatch between the job and the person; 2) inadequate training or leadership; or 3) deficiencies in the person performing the work” (108).
  5. “Inability to delegate due to lack of time is short-term thinking.Ā  Time lost in delegating on the front end is recovered at the back end” (172).