Best Bricks in South Carolina

I have an important announcement to make: North Side has the best bricks in South Carolina.  No, it’s true and it is official.  Someone came to church on Sunday to hand us a nice framed award indicating that we have the best bricks in South Carolina.

The Brick Industry (yes, there is such a thing) has annual awards that give recognition to the greatest brickwork in a new building.  Neil Prince Architects and North Side were presented with the Merit Award for the best stinking bricks you have ever seen.

Jeff was elated at staff meeting yesterday to receive the award.  Can’t you tell in his face?

We have some goals as a church: transform lives, make disciples, expand the Kingdom, reach the unreachable, etc.

In our pursuit of those goals, who knew that we would also be presented with a new goal of awesome “brickageness.”

I’m just being silly, but it is pretty neat that our church received that award.  That building was designed and made by some very talented people.


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