Book of the Week: The Soul Winner

This week’s book of the week is by Charles Spurgeon entitled, The Soul Winner. Spurgeon is the “prince of preachers” and had an incredible ministry during his lifetime.  This great volume explains the need for personal evangelism.

Top 5 Ideas:

  1. “Soul-winning is the chief business of the Christian minister; indeed, it should be the main pursuit of every true believer” (15).
  2. Concerning the quality of soul-winners, Spurgeon stated, “God will not go to work with instruments which would compromise His own character” (46).
  3. Discussing sermons likely to win souls, Spurgeon held that “we should try to take out of our sermons everything that is likely to divert the hearer’s mind from the object we have in view.  The best style of preaching in the world, like the best style of dressing, is that which nobody notices” (101).
  4. “We would do anything, be anything, give anything, and suffer anything if we might but bring you to Christ” (191).
  5. After listing differing possible life ambitions, Spurgeon encouraged to “think them all over; but if you are a Christian man, my dear friend, nothing will equal in enjoyment, in usefulness, in honour, and in lasting recompense the giving yourself up to the winning of souls” (218).