Book of the Week: The Interventionist

This week’s book of the week is The Interventionist written by Lyle E. Schaller.

Top 5 Ideas:

  1. Schaller stated that “this has become the central theme of this book, the most effective way to influence both individual and institutional behavior is to ask questions” (15).
  2. Speaking concerning the necessity for a minister to be well-presented, Schaller stated that “the pulpit no longer automatically conveys either credibility or relevance” (55).
  3. “In larger congregations, and especially in rapidly growing churches, a conflict may exist between those who want to perpetuate lay control and the natural tendency for the staff to acquire more and more power” (89).
  4. “Eventually, however, the growth requires a change in that pastor’s approach to ministry.  When the pastor is unable to make those changes, the growth curve flattens out into a plateau” (113).
  5. In the attempt to unify a congregation, Schaller stated, “To be helpful, the interventionist has to push to persuade people to focus in on what is their top priority” (129).