Book of the Week: Enter His Courts with Praise

This week’s book of the week is Andrew Hill’s “Enter His Courts with Praise!” This treatment is a thoroughly biblical study of worship.  Looking at how worship was prescribed in the Old Testament, Hill attempts to give guidelines for New Testament worship.

Top 5 Ideas:

  1. “For our purposes Shaper best captures the idea and ideal of worship when he characterizes the event of worship as a Spirit-led reaction to what we believe God has said and done” (xix).
  2. “So then, while the fear of the Lord is an attitude that includes the emotion of reverence and awe for a unique, holy, all-powerful, and all-knowing God, it is primarily ‘a way of life based on a sober estimate of God’s presence and care'” (13).
  3. “In fact, William Dyrness has observed, ‘There can be no split between the sacred and profane spheres of life; at least potentially every moment can be sacred unto the Lord'” (29).
  4. “Peter Craigie condensed the Hebrew religion of the Old Testament into a single word – relationship” (154).
  5. “The key ingredient for inspiring this participation in corporate worship and a life-style of praise to God and service to others is personal piety and private devotion to God” (227).