Marriage by the Book

marriage-pageWhile we have one week left of our current series, “What Happens in Vegas,” February will kick off “Marriage by the Book.”  I am so excited about this series.  Jeff and I did some planning over the services this morning, and I am extremely excited about what is going to happen Sundays @ North Side in February.

For those wanting to get married, for those newlyweds, to those who have been married for years, all of our marriages could be stronger if we just applied God’s truths to our relationships.

I have recently told engaged couples this phrase: marriage is easy in theory, difficult in application.

To have a successful marriage, it is quite easy – stop being selfish.  Every one of your marital issues is because you and/or your spouse is being selfish.

We are praying that this series helps people stop being selfish and start nurturing their marriages.  Date Night, this series, a Fireproof showing, all these things we are putting on in February is because we still believe that marriage matters.

It matters to God, and it needs to matter to you.