Date Night – Only a Few Days Away

date-night-iconWe are so excited about Date Night on Saturday.  While part of our staff and many volunteers are busy editing, printing, making, praying, or preparing, we are nearing the day and we are getting pumped!

Last count I heard we had over 180 201 (UPDATED) couples coming to this event!  That is so much more than we were anticipating.  If you are still in need of a ticket, you can still get one.  We do NOT have any childcare remaining for the event, but you can still get a ticket.  They are $10 at the front desk.

The doors will open at 5:00 on Saturday.  Preschool aged children will be in the nursery and 1-5 graders will be in the FLC.  Couples come into the auditorium and we will start at 5:30.  At 6:30, you will be sent out on your date.

REMINDER: Even if you come as a group, it is very important that you go out to eat as a couple.  You could meet as a group, but you will defeat the purpose of the event if you can’t have concentrated time with your spouse or fiance to do the “Truth and Dare” portion of the evening.  Its great if you bring a couple to the event, but it will be a lot better if each couple has time to spend together.

In addition to some door prizes, everyone coming to the event is going to receive some coupons to some amazing restaurants and some other things as well.

We hope to see you there and this Sunday as we start our “Marriage by the Book” series.