How to Avoid Ministerial Burnout

God has blessed me with many positive male ministerial mentors in my life.  Through their example, I have learned what it means to be a husband, father, and pastor.  With so many negative examples of ministers, certain men’s faithfulness to Jesus and to their family have kept me encouraged and hopeful.  From these men, I have learned to seek balance between my home and my church. 

I will never forget when a pastor told me that he often chose the needs of his congregation over the needs of his family.  While he did feel pressure, he advised me to safeguard my family and prove to them via my actions that they are priority.  Other ministers have also taught me the need to be wary of burnout.  I have seen many pastors work themselves to the point of spiritual and physical exhaustion.  By watching their example, I have seen the need to establish personal and ministerial boundaries.  Whether it is protecting a schedule or my family, I am trying best to balance being available for parishioners while never neglecting my family.