Crossroads Series This Sunday

Three of the major world religions all claim the same source of beginning. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all hold Abraham to be the man from whom their religion began. But all three of these religions arrive at a dramatic crossroads at the person of Jesus Christ. The message, ministry, and life of Christ forever separated these movements. The Crossroads series will attempt to educate the differences of these three religions and come to a resolution at the person of Jesus.

I will be teaching the Crossroads series starting this Sunday.  This three week series is one that Jeff has been wanting me to do since sometime last year, and I have been preparing in my mind for quite some time now.  Teaching on world religions and Scripture on Sunday mornings is going to be a daunting task, but I am praying and studying a bunch in anticipation of God using this series to help people know why they believe what they believe.  The balance to make it educational as well as inspirational all at the same time is necessary.

Have you ever felt like you would not be able to give a reason for why you believe what you believe?  If someone asked you what was different about Christianity than other religions, could you give them an answer?  If someone stated that all roads lead to heaven, could you defend your faith?

We are praying that over the next few weeks, you will be equipped not only to understand your own faith better but to feel confident about your faith more than ever before.

Evite your friends to come this Sunday (the updated one will be up later today)!