Book of the Week: A God Divided

This week’s book of the week is A God Divided written by Christopher Catherwood.  It is our featured book in the bookstore for the Crossroads series.  If you are wanting some extra info on the differences between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, you need to pick up this book.

Top 5 Ideas:

  1. “By the ironic nature of its title – A God Divided – this book presumes two things: First, there is one true God who is indivisible.  Second, the true faith in that God is Christianity” (16).
  2. “What’s special about Abraham’s story – and what makes it so important – is that God reached down to him!” (26).
  3. “But their group [Pharisees] actually began with good intentions – to obey the law, since they knew that sin had ended the old kingdoms and driven the Jews into exile.  Tragically, by Christ’s time, they had lapsed into legalism” (48).
  4. “Jesus said he had come to fulfill the law, and the Bible makes it plain that the law, while intended to bring people to God, is impossible to keep in its entirety.  It condemns, but it cannot save” (54).
  5. “However devout and full of good works Muslims might be, they don’t have the same assurance.  In the Koran, God is inscrutable, and his ways unfathomable, to an extent that isn’t true of the God who reveals himself in Scripture, above all through Jesus Christ” (86).