Freshman 15 Cover Arrived in the Mail

photo-6As I am making some more adjustments on my first book, Freshman 15, I am pleased to announce that my cover came in the mail yesterday.

Funny story: Cory and I found a picture on a stock photo place that we loved, but we then discovered to use that photo on a published book would cost over $100.

Target had a scale that looked like the one in the picture for $20.

So basically, I saved money, Cory took an incredible picture and worked his magic on it, and I got a new scale for the house.

The cover looks great – Cory did a fantastic job on it.  I will post on it soon.  In the coming days, I hope to give you some more sneak peeks and some more info on how and when I will have it out there for people.

Please pray that God uses this book to impact many college students!