Freshman 15 Submitted to Publishers


Today, I submitted Freshman 15 to the publishers.  I will hopefully get a copy of the book in approximately a week.  After that, unless there is some major issue with it, it will be available for printing!

It was such a huge relief to click “submit” today.  This project has been a part of me for a few years now.  I recently felt God’s leading to hurry this puppy up and get it done.  With some motivation from him and some added discipline to my life, we have it ready to go.

Since you need to have a platform to get a book published these days, I decided to self-publish this book.  I am platformless in the publishing world.  I am using an organization entitled Create Space which is a sister company of Amazon.  This service allows me to order only the amount of books that I need at the time.  This company is what I used to reprint the CD I made in college.

While I am very uncomfortable promoting a book that I have written, I have figured out a way around it.  Here is why I am at peace with promoting this book: It’s a collection of the Bible’s answers to college students’ questions, not my answers.

Even if you are not a college student, you might benefit from hearing God’s answers to these questions.  Here are the 15 chapters:

  1. The One Thing – What’s your one thing in life going to be?
  2. The Worldview – On what basis do you make your decisions?
  3. The Entourage – Who will you allow to be the closest people to you?
  4. The Date – What’s your standard for who you should date?
  5. The Purity – How far is too far?
  6. The Party Scene – Is social drinking OK?
  7. The Church Hop – Is church essential to my spiritual life?
  8. The Outreach – How do I share my faith if it scares me to death?
  9. The Influencers – How can I impact a world that is influencing me?
  10. The Budget – How should I spend my money?
  11. The Classroom – Does God care if I am a slacker?
  12. The Time – How should I spend my time?
  13. The Family – How can I change my family?
  14. The World – What am I supposed to do about the condition of the world?
  15. The Will – How do I find God’s will for my life?

So, if any of those questions intrigue you, stay posted and I will have a way for you to get a copy very soon (within a couple of weeks hopefully)!

3 thoughts on “Freshman 15 Submitted to Publishers”

  1. Travis, I am so proud of you and cannot wait to get a signed copy of your book. I am thinking about using it as a discussion time with the kids which I know they will enjoy! HAHA!

  2. Congratulations Travis! That is awesome. Of course I will have to get a copy which I hope to get signed by the author! By the way, I’m thinking about publishing my own book, to be titled “Favorite pitchers whut I have done colored.” Do you think the title is too long? Seriously…may God continue to bless you in your ministry. It’s a priveledge to serve with you!

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