Chapter 14: The World (Freshman 15 Snippet)

Here’s a snippet from Chapter 14: The World:

I normally have answers for people when asked a question.  At that moment, I was speechless.  How do you begin to describe the one who has flipped your life upside down?  How do you express the type of love displayed at the cross to someone who has never even heard the story?  Most importantly, why hadn’t Yoshi ever even heard the name Jesus?  He was twenty-one years old, and he had never heard the name of the only one who can truly save someone.  Then I finally understood why he had never heard the name Jesus – because I had been unwilling to go (Rom. 10:14-15).

As I apathetically wasted away at my Christian college with my four Bibles on my dorm room shelves, people were dying without ever hearing even the name of Jesus.  I could never be the same.  I was about to engage in something I had never experienced – I had the privileged opportunity to introduce someone for the first time to the person of Jesus.

Leading up to the time around when I get to release Freshman 15, I wanted to provide you a snippet every day for 15 days at 15:00 in the afternoon.