Disciplining and Discipling

legacy-sermon-icon1North Side entered into week 4 of the 5-week series, “Legacy,” today.

The band led with:

  • My Savior Lives – New Life Worship
  • Made to Worship – Chris Tomlin
  • God of This City – Bluetree
  • My Savior’s Love – Chris Tomlin

The band did great.  Chris did great leading America’s attention to Jesus on this special day.  The Grahams’ Home Invasion was amazing!  Are you kidding me?  We could have gone home after all that!

But, then I got up and preached.  I prayed an important prayer last night before the message: I wanted God to be glorified in what I said and in how I said it.  Today’s message is so important, I wanted to speak it boldly but with encouragement.  You can listen to the message on the website now.

Children, even if you can’t respect your parent, you are still called to honor them.

Fathers, you can’t let your home go without a fight.  You must discipline and disciple your children.

One week of Legacy left.  Making Faith Stick class tonight.  Remember: your family cannot change if you stay the same – how have you decided to leave your legacy?