Practical Leadership in the Home (What Does It Really Look Like?)

After Sunday’s message, I have heard a lot of encouraging words.  That message was difficult to preach.  Eph 6:1-4 is an in-your-face-passage.  It’s encouraging, but it is honest with how the home should be run.

After a message like that, it is easy for fathers to walk away with motivation devoid of application.  You might be a dad who wants to lead in the home but doesn’t know where to start.  Dr. Randy Stinson, Dean of the Leadership School at Southern Seminary, lectured on this subject last time I was in Kentucky.  It was so good and practical, I told him if he didn’t write a book on it, I would and give him the credit.  He at least said I could share these notes with as many people as it could help.

So, here goes.  If you want practical, here comes a healthy dose for the men of God who want to rise up.

9 Areas in Which Men Should Lead in the Home

from Randy Stinson

  1. Vision: This is where we are going.  This is big picture stuff.  What is the big vision for the family?  Do you want to strengthen your marriage?  Do you want to do missions together as a family?  Big picture.
  2. Direction: This is how we get there.  This gets down to the practical stuff.  If you want your marriage strengthened, husbands, what have you set up practically to make that happen?  Marriage conference?  Date night?  Couples’ book?
  3. Instruction: Let me show you how.  Dads, we are responsible to take the INITIATION to figure out what we don’t know how to do.  If our children need to know the Bible, we must teach them how to read it.
  4. Imitation: Watch me.  The best lesson is one that is lived in front of you.  If you want your family to filter the influencers in their life, you must show them that ideal in your own life.
  5. Inspiration: Isn’t this great (group)?  As the family progresses, your job is to encourage the crew.  By highlighting wins and celebrating them, you can inspire the whole family to keep on keeping on.
  6. Affirmation: You’re doing great (individual).  Each member of your family needs encouragement – especially if they are working on something you have set the vision for.  Sometimes I neglect slowing down and encouraging people – but it would go a long way in our families!
  7. Evaluation: How are we doing?  Get the family together and evaluate.  If your goal is to treat each other with more respect, how are we doing as a family?
  8. Correction: Let’s make a change.  If there is an issue that comes up, address it.
  9. Protection: I’ll take care of you.  And throughout the whole process of leading your home, remind your family over and over concerning your reliability.  Remind them that you will protect and provide for them.  You will love and nurture them.  You will lead them closer to Jesus.  Give them that security that they need.

Hopefully those practical tips helped – they challenged my thinking and gave me something to strive for!