Freshman 15 Update

Thanks for all of you who bought Freshman 15 – I don’t know who all of you are, but thanks!  I pray God uses it in your life!

I had some questions about ordering the book from Create Space.  If you order it, it says that you might not get the book until a few weeks.  The reason why is it is a print on demand system – so that is a worst-case scenario.

Most people who have bought one have actually gotten their copy within two days without even using two-day shipping (so, the book must not be in that high of demand)!

Since this is self-published, anyway you can help me get the word out will be a great help.  If you know anyone who could use a book or an organization that could use it for some type of curriculum, please send the link their way.  Thank you for all your encouraging words – I pray God uses it!

Order Freshman 15 here.