When Your Mentor Falls (Part 2): Don’t Overlook Your Frailty

When Your Mentor Falls (Part 2): Don’t Overlook Your Frailty

In this second post of the series, I want to encourage you to watch out for something when your mentor falls.  When someone you look up to stops following Christ, don’t overlook your frailty.  It is so easy to get caught up in the shock surrounding their fall, that you feel dumbfounded at how someone could fall from grace so far.

In that state, it is easy to imagine yourself impervious to ever falling.  “If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall” (1 Cor 10:12).  As Christians, we often are shocked when someone does one of the “really bad” sins, but yet we tolerate respectable sins in our own lives.  Sins in private don’t bring immediate consequences like when someone gets caught, so we show disdain for those caught yet inwardly we can have something lingering on the inside ourselves.

Make no mistake: the Devil is in no rush to take you out.  He has a plan to take you out (John 10:10), but he is not in a rush (1 Pet 5:8).  He is meticulous.  He is very strategic.  He is slowing chipping away at your defenses.  Like in the board game, Battleship, he is firing away shots at you, and there is less and less buffer zone for defense.  The problem is when we fail to forget we are at war with a real enemy, its almost as if he is peering over our shoulders knowing exactly where to fire his temptation.

Right now, he already has a plan to get you to the unthinkable sins that is paved by the small sins that you don’t concern yourself with.

If you have been devastated by watching one of your mentors fall, the greatest way to honor them is by discovering the steps it took them to get there, and then safeguarding yourself that you never go down that path.

Cause if you don’t think “it” could happen to you, you are already heading in that direction.