Deadline Day

This is a picture of my desktop:

My Desktop Right Now

You may think, “That’s a lot of stuff.”  In reality, it’s not enough.  I have a LifeWay writing deadline today and I got to pick up the pace.  I am writing curriculum for their “I (Still) Do” series to come out in May 2010.

The learner guide deadline is today.  The leader guide deadline is the end of the month.  I know I can make deadline #1 complete today, but I’m running the gauntlet.  I’m going to try to knock out both.

Prayers appreciated!  Pray for productivity, creativity, and quality!

UPDATE: Thanks for your prayers today – I could really feel you guys lifting me up and helped me work way fast.  I sent the files off at 11:57 PM making the deadline with a whooping 3 minutes to spare – clutch stuff!  I got #1 done, but #2 didn’t make it.  Hopefully have that done by the end of the week even though I have to the end of the month.  I seek closure.  Thanks again – good night!