#2 Lil’ Agnew on the Way!

Before Mailing Applications Months Ago

It’s true!  The Agnews are expecting baby #2!  We have been trying to keep things quiet for a while now, but we had to inform some people, and I think some got a little overambitious with who they told and it seems that the word is getting out.  This week, we have a had a few people ask us if we were expecting, and it seems that one person only told one person who only told one person and so on and so on.  So, this is a little earlier then we wanted to make the big announcment, but we are still thrilled to share this blessed news!

The reason we wanted to wait is because we still have approximately 12 months to go.

We are expecting a precious baby.  But we are expecting that baby from Ethiopia.

As of right now, our child is growing in a tummy over in Ethiopia.  While we don’t know exactly how this story will play out, this baby will be orphaned in the months to come.  The child’s mother may die or may abandon the child for different reasons.  All we know of the story right now is that God has set it up from the beginning of time for us to raise this child and now has called us to rescue that baby, and we have said yes.

God put many different things in our path to lead us to this decision.  We always knew we wanted to adopt in the States and out of the States, and we had a particular passion for children overseas due to some of the unfortunate spiritual and physical environments.  We always knew we would do it one day, but the dilemma arose back in February when I was at Southern Seminary for a doctoral seminar and three visiting professors that week had all recently adopted internationally.  I began to talk to them about their experiences and God started progressing my heart quicker than I anticipated.  As I asked for their advice, they directed me towards Ethiopia (for reasons I’ll explain later).

I called Amanda that night from my hotel room in Louisville.  As we both looked at pictures and the information concerning the state of children in Ethiopia, we wept over the phone together due to the dismal state of the millions of orphans in this world.  We prayed that God would give us direction, and we began to pray that if God willed it, he would provide all the resources needed.

That night, we didn’t know how close we were to actually going through with this, but Amanda said something over the phone that sealed the deal for me.  “Travis, I keep thinking about these precious orphans without a mom or a dad, and all I can think of is we have an extra bed.  Right now, we have an extra bed.”

The extra bed.  That’s all I needed.  Did I have concerns?  Sure, my mind was flooded with thoughts of what people in the South would think about us calling a black child our own.  I have heard stately “gentlemen” and Southern belles demean precious children of God belonging to another race.  I was well aware of the huge financial commitment.  We did not have trouble conceiving a child, so I knew some people wouldn’t understand why we were doing this and not just keep making babies who we were knowledgeable concerning the DNA.  I knew that we would deal with long nights of trying to convince a hysterical child that he or she is no longer alone.

But we had an extra bed.

Many people will probably question the timing of this (among many other things that I hope to address in the weeks to come).  Why wouldn’t we have all of our “real” children and do something like this later?  Why wouldn’t we wait until we had a greater amount of money stockpiled in savings?  I have talked with people who wonder if this is the “perfect” time to do this.

Is this the perfect time for us?  Probably not, but it is the perfect time for one orphan.

And while we can’t do something about all the orphans of the world, we can do something about that one.  We have an extra bed.

I plan on sharing more in the days to come about our journey, where we are, what God is teaching us, and our answers to some of the questions we have received.  But today, I’m overjoyed.  I can finally shout it from the mountaintops: We have a baby on the way.  That baby might still be 12 months away, maybe more, maybe less.  But that’s our baby.  That precious baby will be ours as much as Obadiah is ours.  I can’t wait to get on a plane and rescue that child and say, “It’s all over.  You’re finally home.  You are loved.  You are safe in your father’s arms.”

That sounds like my story of how God rescued me.  I can’t wait for this journey, and I appreciate you praying for the health of our baby and the quick processing of our paperwork so we can get that child in our arms.

I am so thankful today that we have an extra bed.

For now…

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  1. Wow, congratulations! I think what you and Amanda are about to do is a wonderful and generous thing, and I know God will bless you for it. I hope that everything goes smoothly in the months to come. Do keep us updated!

  2. Travis( this is Amy Fortner Nelson).. I just wanted you to know how important and wonderful that one statement you said was…. “That sounds like the story of how God rescued me.” Adoption in the natural world is so much a resemblance to adoption by Christ. We are grafted in and so will this child be grafted into your family. Grafting takes work, time, money, effort… and so will tihs child. But it is the picture that you speak of from Christ. His work on the Cross can not easily be forgotten by an adopted child nor his/her family. What a great way to bless the kingdom of God and bring glory to His plan for salvation all the while blessing you with a child and a child with parents. We takl alot about diversity, but in Christ we are all one family,…one body. What unity He can bring to your precious family body. The Lord be with you!

  3. Dude, I love you man! It is so great to see a marvelous man and woman of God step out on faith and receive a child because of one extra bed! You’re an amazing guy and family and you know we’re there for ya!

  4. That is awesome! I was so excited to read this because Jeremiah and I have started the international adoption process this month as well…and we have felt a leading to Ethiopia as well!

    We are with you…timing isn’t perfect/finances aren’t stockpiled/no infertility problems of our own…but we have 2 extra bedrooms and an abundance of love from our Lord to share!

    We will be praying for you guys in your journey.

    p.s. May I ask what agency you are going with? You can email me with it if you don’t want to share it publicly. Thank you!

    Jennifer & Jeremiah Hambrick


  5. Travis, man I sit here with tears in my eyes because as Jenn said above we are starting the adoption process ourselves and from the same country. Thank you for sharing what you have, I have had the same concerns and questions pass through my mind as I pray for guidance. Its funny how I remember you and I wrestling at North Greenville pulling each others shirts over our heads and now we are doing this adoption process together. Thats pretty sweet. I’ll be praying for you guys.

  6. Travis, this is SO exciting! I have always felt a calling upon my heart to adopt one day, and I think it is the most precious gift that God can give those who have the means and heart to rescue a child. How amazing for Obie to have a little brother/sister to look out for & love on! I will be praying for you guys through this process, and I can’t wait to see this little one!!! Congratulations!

  7. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY… I would keep writing Y’s but it might seem a little bit much…haha! So glad for you guys!

  8. Oh Travis! I am so excited for you! I sat here and wept as I read this, with my husband reading over my shoulder. 2 and a half hours ago we signed our adoption agreement to adopt our sweet Sarah Laine, so this news could not be more joyful to us! Everybody is going to tell you how much you are blessing or helping this precious child, but you and Amanda and Obadiah are going to be the ones who are blessed. As far a raising a different-race child in the South, it can be tough. Generally speaking, we get lots of smiles when we’re out as a family. It’s harder when I’m out by myself with 2 biracial girls and 2 caucasian boys and expecting. I get some dirty looks, curious/digging questions, and sometimes ugly comments. But I just smile and move on or use the chance to tell them how blessed we are to have adopted (and almost adopted) our precious girls. On a funny note, sometimes I forget that the girls are mixed! 🙂 They’re just my girls, you know? I forget that their skin color is different than mine. Oh, I am so excited for your family and cannot wait to be able to watch your journey unfold! Thank you for sharing it!

  9. Congratulations on #2! How awesome that your family will be growing in this way! Thank you for being willing to step out and be the parents to this little one who is without. Your blog brought tears to my eyes as I thought about your empty bed and your willingness to listen to God and fill it with this little child. How awesome!

  10. Travis and Amanda, just read your news and I am so excited!! How about go ahead and adopt one for me too! I wish I were younger and could go on this journey too! This is awesome – I know God is so proud of His children thinking of one of His little ones that will need a loving home and parents to teach him/her about our loving Heavenly Father! Love you both!

  11. This is so fantastic. I will enjoy reading the updates as this (often lengthy) process continues.


  12. Just got home and read your news about the new addition to your family. Congratulations! You continue to make me proud to know you!

  13. As I was greeted by Obie at NS on Friday night, I realized that he was put on this earth to bring joy. Our new Baby Agnew is going to be put here to bring the joy of our salvation. Amen and Amen! Kelly Strutton

  14. Travis & Amanda congratulations on the exciting news. I can't wait to precious baby Agnew get's here. Best wishes The Saxon Family

  15. Travis and Amande.
    Talk about being a living testimony….doesn’t get any better than this!! We can’t wait to see Eli and welcome him to the Northside Family!

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