What’s Around Your Church’s Corner?

photo-14As All God’s Children started back up a few weeks ago, we mentioned in staff meeting the need to make sure we were careful driving in the parking lot.  As parents drop off and pick up kids, sometimes people can get moving pretty quickly in the parking lot and not realize kids darting towards a van.  We decided to get one of those round mirrors to put on the entrance by the chapel so we could see oncoming traffic around the corner.

It’s helped a ton.  As you see what’s coming around the corner, you know better how to prepare yourself.

It made me think: what is around our church’s corner, that if we knew about right now, we would adjust some things?  What about your church?

It’s easy to be riding on a spiritual high from yesterday’s worship music or inspired by yesterday’s message.  It’s easy to try and determine success based upon attendance numbers or offering receipts from yesterday.  Try to remove yourself out of your present context.  What will the church’s problems be in 5 years?  What will your community look like in 10 years?  What challenges will arise?  What opportunities will be present?

Are you going to run out of space?  Is a church plant in the future?  Are you outdated now?  Will you be outdated in the future?  Are you only reaching one certain age demographic?  Are your parents equipped to raise their kids?  Do you have a plan for your children from nursery to college?

Today is a day to think about what’s coming around the corner.  If you only lead for today, you’ll never be able to truly act upon the opportunities of tomorrow. So what challenges or opportunities do you think are around your church’s corner?

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  1. One challenge/opportunity of North Side in the near future is the need to make room in the 11:15 service. To grow the 9:45 service, we are going to have additional children's programming (second Epic, second Little Church, etc.). To have additional children's programming, we are going to have to get some more volunteers.

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