The Most Important Thing I Forgot to Share with Parents

While Pure Life was great, there was simply too much to share.  And I forgot to tell parents one of the best ways to keep their children pure in an impure world.

Your home needs to be the home kid want to hang out at.

You remember that home when you were a kid.  It was the home that all the kids wanted to go to.  You either wanted to go there because: a) you could get away with anything, or b) it was such a vibrant, fun environment.

Don’t become the home where your kids and their friends can get away with anything, but make your home such an inviting environment that if your children were wanting to get together, they would automatically choose your home as the preferred place to be.

Make the kind of place where kids who don’t have a warm home environment just seem to linger at your place.  Something about your home seems so unusual, it just seems right.

And when your kids are there, you can monitor the fun.  Encourage the fun.  Make them feel encouraged to enjoy being at home.

When “it’s 10:00 in America,” if the party is at your house, you do know where your children are.