The Wilderness Guide

We started a new series today called “The Wilderness.”  This series will examine the reasons for and the temptations during the “wilderness” experiences of life. A wilderness experience is a particularly difficult or trying time whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The entire series will be built around 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 with selected passages from the Book of Exodus and the Book of Numbers.

While we don’t like to think about it, God often purposely leads us into some difficult and uncertain situations. He does this for his own glory and our own good. As the Israelites embarked upon the mass exodus out of Egypt, they looked forward to the benefits of the Promised Land, but they were not aware of the challenges that awaited them along the journey. Just like the Israelites, God often takes us towards something greater, but to get there, we often have to travel through the wilderness.

I decided to lead worship solo acoustic style today.  I really missed our band, but I wanted to lead worship at the beginning of this series in the manner in which I have had personal times of worship during my own wilderness experiences: raw, agonizing, honest, and authentic.  This morning’s worship time was a lot like times in the “secret place” which I have experienced heartfelt worship.  It didn’t feel good, but it was genuine.

Today, I led worship with these tunes:

The last song I wrote a few years ago during one of those wilderness times.  We recorded it on a in-house project, so the quality isn’t spectacular, but I thought I would give you a link where you could listen or download for free.  Hope you enjoy!

Immanuel – Travis Agnew