“Offering” CD Listening Party




Last night, I had our band and spouses over for some fellowship time and the group’s first opportunity to listen to the “Offering” Christmas Worship CD all the way through.  We were missing a few last night, but most everyone involved in the project could come.

I just loved watching their faces as they listened to it.  Most individuals had heard an average of 2-3 songs on the project but that was before they had been mixed and produced.  So to hear how each track came out and couple that with the whole project, I think it’s an understatement to say they were pleased.

While everyone was cheering for each other’s musicality while we listened, this group blew me away in another way.  During the listen, I would catch many of them worshiping to it.  They just sorta got lost in the moment and the CD was leading them to worship Jesus.  That was our prayer!

When the 52 and 1/2 minutes of music was over, everyone cheered and encouraged each other in just a special time of community building.  I loved watching this team love on each other.  We ended the evening by a long time of prayer.

We prayed for you.  We prayed that when people receive this project, they will receive more than the “Christmas spirit.”  We hope this does more than make you want hot chocolate and sit under Christmas lights.  We prayed that in your car, in your home, at the job, on the treadmill, wherever you listen to this, you will be caught up in worship.  As the story on the CD unfolds, we pray you get overwhelmed again that Jesus loved us so much he came for us.  As it reaches it’s climax, we pray that the only thing left to do is worship.

During that prayer time, I was reminded of how humbled I am to be able to serve alongside people of this caliber.  I would put their musicality up against anybody, but their hearts are what I am most amazed by.  We have no divas in this group.  We have no bickering.  We have a team that love to lead people to the throne.

And today, I am grateful.  See you Sunday.

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