A Pastor’s Wish List: A Debt-Free Church


We started a new sermon series today entitled “A Pastor’s Wish List.”

Finances are an important part of life and they are given to achieve the same purpose as all other resources: to bring glory to God. If we obey God’s teaching in the area of finances, His church will be able to accomplish more in ministry and we will have a deeper and closer relationship with Him.

As part of Jeff’s wish list, he wants our church to understand the beauty of stewardship.  We must be careful not to spend God’s money on our stuff rather than advancing His Kingdom.  I knew he was going to do this message for a while, and I was already prepared for the sigh when the topic was revealed, but I was amazed at what Jeff did with this message.  If our church is in debt, then our people in debt.  We have overextended, and we must regain financial peace.  It was incredible.

4 more items on the wish list (3 more Sundays, and one Christmas Eve), and it is going to be an amazing month.  I wish next Sunday was here already!

Today, we worshiped to:

  • Joy to the World – North Side Worship
  • O Come All Ye Faithful – North Side Worship
  • What, Then, is Christmas? – North Side Worship (Woody Nivens)
  • Christmas Offering – North Side Worship (Paul Baloche)
  • O Come Let Us Adore Him – North Side Worship

All of these songs done today are on the “Offering” Christmas worship CD.  It is available in the bookstore today.  It will be on Amazon and iTunes in the weeks to come.  Hope you enjoy!