Top 10 Quotes from Graduation Day

14550_1191443865061_1197304100_30469088_1068072_nToday was a celebratory day for me.  School is forever complete!  Here are the top 10 quotes from today’s festivities in no particular order:

  1. “Graduates of the Southern Seminary class of December 2009, if you aim to finish what you start in ministry, you will aim too low or finish what is not Christ’s.” -Dr. Al Mohler
  2. “The Christian ministry is not a career. It is a calling that originates in the sovereign majesty of God and is concluded only by the coming of the kingdom of the Lord, and of his Christ.” -Dr. Al Mohler
  3. “Congratulations, Dr. Agnew.  Great job!”  -Dr. Al Mohler
  4. “Let us love Jesus more than these degrees or the doors that they open.” -Dr. Don Whitney
  5. “Well done, please drive safely this time on the way home.”  -Dr. Chuck Lawless
  6. “Obadiah, now that is a strong name…congrats on the adoption, keep me updated.  God bless you guys!”  -Dr. Russell Moore
  7. “Now, what are your goals?”  -Cheryl Bell (Mom)
  8. Response: “Sleep, read for pleasure, train for triathlon, get bambino #2 here.”  -Travis Agnew
  9. “We’re done.  We are so proud of you.” -Amanda Agnew
  10. “Yay, Dada!” (while I was walking across stage) -Obadiah Agnew