“Coming Home” – New Solo CD Coming Soon!

I have some pretty exciting news this morning: I am releasing an album in a few weeks.  While the final details are still being worked out, I’ll give you what I got right now.

Back when we accepted the call to adopt, I wrote a song for our coming son.  Without ever seeing his picture or knowing his story, I wrote a lullaby-type song called “Your Father’s Arms.”  The 1st verse was for Obadiah, the 2nd verse was for Eli (even though I didn’t know his name at the time), and the 3rd verse is for all the rest of us.  I sang the part to Amanda one night, we cried, and then I had an idea.  What if I recorded that song, put it up on iTunes, and let the proceeds go to assisting our family in the international adoption process?  Families fundraise all types of ways for adoption, since I write songs, I wondered if that would work.

I went to talk to my good buddy, Anthony Gravley, who has produced the North Side albums, to see if he could fit some time for me in his schedule, and he was more than gracious and willing to be a part of this project.

All the while, I had been writing a bunch of worship songs lately.  I also have some songs that I wanted a project to record them on.  Long story short – we were going to do 1 song, then 3, then 5, and now we have 10 songs with everything recorded except for vocals.  With my departure time approaching, ALL the instruments have been tracked within a few days.  Due to our families’ prayers, I believe the process has gone unusually quick and easy.  I really have sensed God’s presence during those tracking hours.

Anthony and I have played all the instruments on them except for one extra help.  Mark Nemer was gracious enough to play drums on some of the tracks.  Mark lives in Nashville and has recorded or played drums for people such as Chris Tomlin, Cece Winans, Whiteheart, Michael W. Smith, and a bunch of other people.  I came by the studio to find out that the 3 songs he was going to play on turned into 9.

What that means is in the coming weeks I will share with you exactly how I am getting these songs out – iTunes, Amazon, or some in-house copies, I am still working all that out.  But if you want a practical way that you can help and pray for our family, you can purchase a copy of “Coming Home” in a few weeks.

It is 10 songs of what God has been teaching our family about salvation, saying yes when God’s call, His presence during those uncertain moments, and what it is like when a son comes home.  Hope it blesses your family as well!  Please pray for us to get it done and available before I am Ethiopia-bound.  Thanks for your support!

In the meantime, you can also get you a copy of my first CD on Amazon or iTunes or Freshman 15 on Amazon.  All proceeds go to the adoption!

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