What Did God Teach You Through “Neighborhood?”

March has been an incredible month for North Side as we have gone through the series, “Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?”

Last night in my C-Group, we got real honest about the successes and the failures that we had experienced over the last month reaching out to people who need Jesus.  While we all had things to share that we could have done better, I was so humbled to hear my guys talk about what they had done.  The Holy Spirit prompted, they responded in obedience.  I can’t imagine a greater group of guys to do life with.

We talked at length about how when we enter into spiritual conversations, God has already been at work long before we speak.  Whether it is someone’s praying grandmother, someone who has sown seed before hand, or the Holy Spirit convicting that person concerning sin, we are not starting with no foundation.  God has been on the move in that person’s life.

Great series on evangelism, but our group committed to each other that this would not just be a fad that passes as we move into another series.  We will be checking in with each other regularly concerning to whom we are reaching out.

Hope you learned a ton too!