One Child’s Trip Back to Russia as an Orphan

The state of adoption in our world is in crisis.

First off, you have this boy in the picture above who was an orphan once, taken into a home, and then orphaned again by his adoptive mother sending him back on a one-way plane to Russia.  The only thing worse than being orphaned is being orphaned twice.

Second, Ethiopia is making some legal changes.  We made it within days before they make some major changes that will require both adoptive parents to travel twice to Ethiopia.  It has been one parent goes one time to pick up your child.  Why is that changing?  Because American parents were becoming the legal parents of these children before arriving in country.  Once many of these parents saw their children who looked more sickly or not as cute as the picture promised, they left them in Ethiopia.  The only problem is that child is legally theirs without a home and the Ethiopian court system will never let that child come up for adoption again.

Americans are making international headlines yet again.  And what does this world know us for?  That we only help out others if it helps ourselves.

Let me say this as nicely as possible – if you are considering adoption due to how it can make you feel, don’t do it.  If you need an emotional fix or someone to cuddle up with to fill an emotional void, then get a pet.  Children do not deserve to be tossed from home to home.  They should not have a home dangled before them like a carrot on a stick only to have it snatched away before their eyes.

I’ll go back to what God has been teaching us through this process: We all want to see the needs of the world met, yet we rarely want them met through our own hands!  Brothers and sisters, may we live in such a way that gives not due to what we can receive.  May we learn to die each day and see others’ needs more important than our own (Phil 2:3-4).

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