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It’s wild to think that I released Freshman 15 a year ago.  As graduation time approaches, if you need a book for a graduating senior, you might think about giving this a try.  I wrote it in part because I got so many books that were a tad fluffy when I graduated.  They were high on the encouragement to “survive” college, but what I wanted was someone to tell me straight up what the Bible said about key issues.

Written as a guide for college students and graduating high schools seniors, this book encourages Christians to give weight to Christ in fifteen crucial areas during this pivotal time.


  1. The One Thing – have to decide what’s the one thing you are going to live for
  2. The Worldview – role of the Bible and developing your worldview
  3. The Entourage – the people closest to you need to be closest to God
  4. The Date – if mission doesn’t define relationship, then the relationship will determine the mission
  5. The Purity – not even a hint of sexual immorality
  6. The Party Scene – love limits freedom
  7. The Church Hop – danger of becoming spiritual couch potatoes
  8. The Outreach – casual Christianity causes casualties
  9. The Influencers – it’s hard to influence a world that is significantly influencing you
  10. The Budget – some financial decisions will cost you more than what you will ever want to afford
  11. The Classroom – glorify God in the classroom
  12. The Time – don’t be lazy and don’t over commit yourselves – make the most of the time
  13. The Family – even when it’s hard to tolerate your family, you are called to honor them
  14. The World – get out of the States before you graduate college
  15. The Will – you find God’s will by doing God’s will

The book can be done by yourself, or it also contains study guide questions for each chapter so it could be done in a Bible study group, class, or accountability partners.

Order Freshman 15 here,, or you can get one at North Side’s bookstore.  Hope it blesses you or your loved graduate!

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