The Hope for the Suffering Church

We concluded the New Testament 101 series today with another great Sunday @ North Side!  I snapped this picture in between services of two of the most dedicated team members anyone could ever ask for.  David Hjalmers runs sound most Sundays and is dependable and encouraging as they come.  Jessica Griffith Wolfe, serves as my assistant on staff, and she just takes care of everything!  Since I haven’t led worship in a month now, I got at church around 7:30 to make sure everything was in place and tie up any loose ends.  I sat around for an hour because she had everything prepared!  I’m so appreciative for you two!

Today, we worshiped with:

I love preaching, but I was also glad to be back leading worship today after my long hiatus due to travel and such.  So great to hear you sing out!

Jeff’s message was incredibly encouraging and real.  What I appreciate about his messages is that he doesn’t sugarcoat the truth.  It will get hard in this life, but we have hope that we are sure of!  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to, listen along here.

Next week, we start a new series entitled “5 Things That Will Kill This Church” with special guest speaker and North Side’s former pastor, Ron Davis.  Can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. Anna Key Williams

    Jeff's message was so encouraging. Blessed be your name and It is Well really touched my soul this mo

  2. Jessica Wolfe

    This is tender and made my week! 😀 We have some great volunteers that make it all work! YAY! and of course it helps working for a very organized pe

  3. I'll second that. It is great to work with a very organized person – you'rethe

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