Eli’s Medical Update

Many people have been asking us about Eli.  We are so blessed to have the prayers that have been prayed over him.

We did travel to MUSC to run tests and check on a few medical issues.  I don’t know why they only do this consultation from 1-4 in the afternoons which is exactly Eli’s nap time.  Even after being poked and prodded and no nap, he was such a trooper for 3 hours!  Eli the Resilient Overcomer.

They did all kinds of medical and occupational tests on him.  They told us that Eli was on a 19 month old speech level, 15 month old gross motor skills, and 27 month old fine motor skills.  Quite the spectrum.  They were very impressed with how he did with puzzles and books considering he had never seen any 6 weeks earlier.  They were also pretty amazed to see him walk in pushing his stroller since they told us he might never walk.

The major issue we are dealing with is some digestive issues.  His diet and environment were so detrimental to his health that he is still recovering.  We are going through some steps to help out, and he is making progress every day!

The trip was highlighted by how people were shocked at his attachment to us after only being home for 6 weeks.  He is an Agnew through and through.  He is doing great.  And I am so proud of him.

We are thankful for his success, but his fast recovery is not the reason this mission was a success.  Even if he was just at home but still struggling, that would be a success for us.  We are so truly blessed to have two special boys.

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  1. Jill Burretto Bryant

    Travis, he is blessed with a FANTASTIC family and God is watching over him. That's why he's doing so well! And you have 2 GORGEOUS b

  2. Wendy Nichols

    Thanks for sharing. PLEASE know if you ever need a place to stay over night or hang out in Charleston you are absolutely more than we

  3. Came home to see Eli stand up on his own without holding onto anything! God is so fai

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